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If these vacancies (temporarily) disappear, it is time to work South Africa Phone Number List on the long-term brand awareness of your employer brand. Bet on storytelling via social media, in-depth interviews with employees or make a podcast with the MT about the consequences of changes for your company. Employer branding is storytelling. Take people into your story, even South Africa Phone Number List if it is a little less rosy. Telling the story together also creates a connection with your own employees. 3. Internal mobility or outflow Employer branding is not just about being Boundaries Between Real happy and celebrating successes. When I talk about employer branding in a training, I always discuss the candidate-employeejourney . This is an overview of all contact moments with your target group. We often focus on the happy moments.

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But above all, think about the disappointing touchpoints in South Africa Phone Number an employee’s journey. Is that a rejection, absenteeism, just not getting a promotion, early departure or even dismissal? Employer branding is about being a good employer, involvement, connection and ambassadorship. Are you as an employer now on the point of leaving? Then give these people your personal attention and help them on their way to the next step. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet again South Africa Phone Number List in the future? Also read: Online ambassadors: a fresh recruitment approach [case] 4. Diversity Diversity is high on the agenda for many. Whether that is because you value that your company is a reflection of society, that there are KPIs on this subject, that we are led by social pressure or that we are convinced that diversity increases the productivity and happiness of employees.

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Your reason doesn’t seem to matter much at first, because it’s South Africa Phone Number List just an item on the agenda. Nevertheless, I want to trigger you to make your motivations as an employer clear in this regard and to propagate them. Link to the mission, values ​​and culture, and therefore the core (the story) of your company. Subsequently, employer branding expressions are a fantastic South Africa Phone Number List way to communicate diversity and inclusion in word or image . Take a look at Mollie’s Instagram account for inspiration . Life at Mollie not only gives you an insight into their lives, but above all shows what values ​​the company stands for. View this post on Instagram Celebrating Mollies unicorn and Klarna’s decacorn ?

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