Dominate Long-tail Keywords

If you use SEMRush or Ubersuggest to plan your content, you will surely have researched keywords with really attractive search volumes, but this does not always mean that you will be able to get a better slice .

Long -tail keywords are those that are made up of two or more words and tend to have less competition.

For example, “shoes” is a keyword with a lot of volume and almost impossible to gain positions ; On the other hand, “appropriate running shoes” is a much more specific keyword and you will be able to create more specialized content to obtain more organic traffic .

This does not mean that you cannot compete for the most searched keywords in your market, but rather that you should start with those that are more specific, because they express more clearly what the user wants to find.

Another point is that you attract more traffic to your website

If you are in the 1st position of Google for a keyword that 400 users search for each month than reaching the 7th position for a term that has more than 15 thousand monthly searches. That’s because the top 3 results get 75% of all clicks from the results pages, according to Moz research .

3. Write a lot of content, but of quality
Surely you have heard the VP R&D Email Lists phrase “quality is better than quantity”, but isn’t it possible to do both?

One of the best tips we can give you is that, if you want to get to the top of Google, rely on a Content Marketing strategy to create materials that really help your audience solve their problems, which will make you their choice. N°1 purchase eventually.

To do this, you must develop articles and written

VP R&D Email Lists

Or multimedia materials that meet the needs of your audience and that, at the same time, have the best SEO practices to be taken into account, for example:

user intent
This is about using keywords and creating content according to what your user wants to find.

For this reason, the optimizations that you make in your materials must focus. On the search intention so that they match the results on google.

The best way to understand user intent is to analyze the results that. Appear on the first page when doing a search! This way you will see what information. The competitors are providing to the user so that you can produce better content. Than theirs, which fully answers the doubt they have.

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