Don’t expect immediate results

Referrals can be an extremely effective way to grow a business, but they’re a snowball strategy rather than an explosive one. Don’t expect immediate results.

In order for this play to work, you’ll want to take time building relationships with your promoter customers. Segmenting this group in your CRM is a great place to start because it prepares your entire team to communicate with them more often. For example, you can have your marketing team keep an eye on their social media profiles and interact with them when they post. Your account executives can reach out proactively to check in and see how they’re doing. Spend this time building value.

You can certainly ask for customer Taiwan Phone Number referrals immediately after closing the deal — but we wouldn’t recommend it. Wait until you’ve provided your customers with unparalleled service. They’ll be more likely to share names of trusted colleagues once they know you haven’t just been trying to get them to sign. The value you’ve proven will make them want to tell their network about you.

Share relevant content with them and let them know when your company releases new products or features that would benefit them. This is how you continue to build brand loyalty after the sale and turn happy customers into loyal promoters.


Ask Who do you like

Ask your customers “Who in your network do you like?” to ensure you get referred to people whom your customers have close working relationships with.

When you receive referrals from people that your customers have passive or lukewarm relationships with, they’re not much better than cold calls. Ask your customers to refer you to people they like, and you’ll benefit from the closeness and trust that already exists in the relationship.

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Don’t treat referrals like cold calls.

Because they’re not. A conversation with a referral will benefit from a much friendlier tone. Play up the relationship you have with the referrer, and act like you’re already in their inner circle — because, in a way, you are.

When appropriate, ask your customer if their referral has any interests or hobbies. When you place your first call, break the ice by saying, “Blair mentioned you know all the best restaurants in Chicago. I’m headed there for work next month and would love some recommendations. You’ll make the referral relaxed, and you’ll bridge the gap between you and the referrer.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to bring up your desire for a referral during a project. Introducing the idea during the project is ideal because the customer may not remember later how happy they were with your products or services. But they’ll most certainly remember now, because you’re currently working with them.

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