Douyin joins hands with iQiyi, the second innovative solution for film and television

When Douyin and iQiyi “shake handshake and make peace” on film and television creation. what impact will it have on film and television bloggers? Will the long and short video platform move towards an “era of peace”?

1. Douyin joins hands with iQiyi to solve the copyright dilemma

In the past, due to the vaguene of fair use standards, the short video of the two film. And television companie were often taken off the shelve due to copyright issue.

A film and television blogger told us that the 6 episodes of. Langya Bang” commentary videos.That were uploa on Douyin before were basically notifi within 1 hour that the review was not approv.


The work review provid by the blogger did not pass the message

In June of this year, the Douyin million-fan blogger. “Mr. Liu Talks About Movies. Comment on the first video of “Police Honor” and was taken off the shelves as soon as it was search. but it was later restored. He said with emotion, “It’s hard to explain now” .


Earlier, in 2017, Gu Amo, who became popular with the “5 minutes to watch XX movie” series of videos, was sued by several copyright owners for re-creating the film without authorization.


In this cooperation, iQIYI will authorize Douyin Group to authorize long video content with information network dissemination rights and sublicenses in its Albania Phone Number content assets for short video creation. The two parties have made specific agreements on short video creation forms such as commentary, mixed cutting, and stripping, and will jointly promote the standardized use of long video content intellectual property rights.


2. Has the spring of film and television creator bloggers come?

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Many film and television creators were excited to learn that Douyin announced its cooperation with iQiyi.

“After iQIYI opens its copyright to Douyin, our film and television bloggers will have more diversifi. Content choices, and they can directly use iQIYI’s exclusive source to produce content.” Youhao MCN Operations Manager Hotpot expressed his optimism.

There is a good show MCN has been in Douyin for more than two years. Its film and television account include “Poison Tongue Movie”. “David’s Crazy Cut” and “Gray Robe True Detective”, and the number of fans on the entire network reaches about 400 million.


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