E-commerce data analysis, can also be done with Excel Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

If I am a ship that rides the wind and waves in the ocean of data, then the clear career goal is the direction of sailing, the knowledge of statistical business thinking and other knowledge is the rigorous structure of the hull, and the use of tools such as Excel and Python is the driving force for sailing. Saudi Arabia Mobile Number Different from the previous two articles, today will combine the content of statistics, focusing on how to use Excel for practical operation, in the process of practical operation will be accompanied by the correction and divergence of ideas.

First of all, we need to clarify the steps of data analysis. Without order, it is easy to fall into a mess in the massive data.

Clarify the 

After getting the data at hand, don’t rush to do cleaning and analysis, but first brainstorm based on the information you have. Through this data, we can Saudi Arabia Mobile Number roughly determine what problems are, which can be listed in the brain map . After many conjectures, they are  according to their importance.

Why should we do it? The old saying goes: sharpening a knife is not a mistake for chopping wood, first understand the problem clearly, which is conducive to later analysis, rather than rushing to get started, spending a lot of effort, and in the end it is sad to find that the conclusion drawn is in the opposite direction of the direction to be .

Based on the existing information, the following problems to be verified can be assum:

The short video in Monkey Talk Data Analysis made a deep impression on me. She likened “understanding data” to “minced onion, garlic, ginger” and other condiments prepared before cooking. For the big meal of data analysis, in the table For different fields, the meaning behind it must be clearly understood. Otherwise the food will not taste right.

Data cleaning

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Remember: data cleaning should not be  directly on the original table. You can copy the table and generate a copy to prevent the. Original data from being and affect work efficiency.


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