Even Though Our Jokes Are Subtle

If you have any questions, comments or any additions, please Guatemala Phone Number List let me know. Then I wish you every success in your search for good IT people! Next week, the Americans will elect a new president. Most people I know look on in amazement: how does a man like Guatemala Phone Number List Donald Trump manage to get half the population behind him? But with the current uncertainty, due to corona and the upcoming recession, we should also be wary of Trumpian traits within our own organizations. Below I discuss five of them – and how to counter them. 1. The Strong Leader 2. Everything used to be better 3. Only wanting to hear what suits you 4.

Sharp And Work

Those rules don’t apply to me 5. Shout out in social media Guatemala Phone Number bubbles Do something about it 1. The Strong Leader You hear it more and more: this time calls for powerful leaders who take matters into their own hands: no participation for a while, just tell what needs to be done. Mark Rutte’s ‘taking responsibility’ only leads to a lack of clarity and not to effective Guatemala Phone Number List solutions. There is something in that: leaders must be visible and decisive in difficult times. But they don’t have a monopoly on the truth, especially not now. Due to the impact of the corona crisis, we are in uncharted territory . That is why bottom-up information and ideas from the front line are very valuable.

On That Every Day

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Many processes, routines and generally accepted truths have to Guatemala Phone Number List be revised or even completely reinvented. Even if the management were omniscient, they would still not succeed. Moreover, employees no longer just want to listen. Employee engagement Guatemala Phone Number List is at an all-time low. According to Gallup , only 1 in 8 employees are engaged in their work, slightly less than the proportion actively working against it. The rise of the gig economy, with millions of freelancers and low-paid flex workers, is an important reason for this. 1 in 8 employees is involved in his or her work. New Generation Another factor is that new generations of employees are entering the labor market, such as millennials.

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