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The short-term memory works for a period of about fifteen minutes . And with a limit amount of information.  While the long-term memory allows us to store a large amount of information that can stay alive in the brain even throughout life.

In addition to the duration of storage.  We can also classify memory according to other criteria.  The explicit is the one that keeps the memory of both the information we receive and our intimate experiences.  While the implicit fixes the unconscious learning which are gradually acquire. Such as condition reflexes and intuitive emotional behavior, in which reasoning does not intervene.

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There is an Japan phone number of the brain under the cortex.  The hippocampus , so call because it is shape like a seahorse.  Which is what orders the information and decides what we should keep forever and what we can forget. Storage is carrie out in the various areas of the cortex link to the material we preserve.  Depending on whether they are images, sounds, faces.

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When we try to remember an event.  The hippocampus acts as a filter again and redoes the puzzle to re-establish the associations between the ideas and the loose images. The more neurons involve, the more lasting and easy to evoke memory is. In other words, the more relate emotions and experiences. The more likely we are to remember them for a lifetime. Isolate, emotionless experiences have little future in our brains. Memory does not always need the hippocampus.

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Memories establish in the cerebral cortex circuits with independent and permanent connections that can be activate directly when they do not need to be associate with other information. Memory also works during sleep, linking real or imagine experiences. 4.

Anatomy of memory Neurons in the cerebral cortex, like many other structures in the central nervous system, are under the constant influence of certain neurotransmitters, that is, chemicals that the neurons themselves use to communicate with each other. Some of these neurotransmitters, such as acetylcholine, appear to be more or less directly involve in memory consolidation.

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