Facebook Has A Lot Of Restrictions


On what can and in the cover image and profile picture. The following is a list of items that do not comply with Facebook regulations and can get your account. Pricing or purchase information: Your image cannot say “40% off” or “Download on our site.” Contact information: it is not allowed to show your email, phone number, URL, or any other contact information. User Interface References: You may not display anything that references. The “Like” or “Share” buttons or any other functionality of the Facebook site.

Calls to action: You can’t write “buy now” or “try our free version” or anything that directly tells people what to do. Other: Cover images may not be false, misleading, or misleading. Just because you can’t display obvious calls-to-action or Egypt WhatsApp Number List doesn’t mean you can’t instantly tell a visitor what your brand is all about. Take a look at what Shopify store Factory 43 did with their cover image: Factory 43 is a manufacturer of quality graphic products located in Seattle. Can you guess what they sell just by looking at their cover image? Claro: posters, letterpress prints, and t-shirts.

They Quickly Communicate What Your Online Store

is about without breaking any of the rules. 3. Integrate your profile and cover images You’ve probably already seen some of the super creative Facebook bios that integrate their profile and cover images. One of my favorites is Jerome Vadon , who obviously put time and effort into coming up with the idea and getting everything to fit together properly. If you plan to integrate your profile and cover images, it’s important to get the resolution and size right.

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Regarding dimensions, your profile image should be 120 x 120 pixels, and the cover image 851 x 315. If you plan to use photographs, it is important that the lighting is the same in both photos. Also, since most cameras don’t take perfectly fitting photos, you can use Aviary’s free cropping tool specially designed for Facebook timeline cover images. Check out what Shopify store Bubble Soap Factory did with their Facebook bio page: Bubble Soap Factory took the main photo of their online store and strategically cropped it, and then put their logo on the profile picture.

The Result Is A Brand Page

that perfectly reflects the company’s style in a professional way. You can also see our cover image where our profile and cover images were subtly. When we were looking for ideas for our cover image. We knew we wanted to showcase some of our merchants’ products. But we also to incorporate our logo so visitors would immediately know that this was our page. This is the final – it clearly displays our Shopify logo while displaying various products that are sold in Shopify stores.

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