Fake Between Reality

Working from home That moment at the coffee machine, the team Slovenia Phone Number List meetings, the Friday afternoon drinks or the annual team outing. Unfortunately, due to the many working from home, we miss these informal contact moments with our colleagues. It’s the moments Slovenia Phone Number List that are often the most characteristic of an employer’s culture and the reason an employee has fallen for you. So focus on employer branding now for communication and connection with your own people . It can take the form of virtual dates, surprises through the letterbox, or deliver your employees a healthy smoothy at home, like Jobsrepublic did. Or go one step further, such as Boskalis .

Bringing The Human

Who organized one and a half meter meetings  Slovenia Phone Number with colleagues. So they could finally see each other again after 4 months. Think of something that keeps your company culture alive! View this post on Instagram Being able to catch up with your colleagues Slovenia Phone Number List in person while respecting the COVID-19 guidelines. That’s what we facilitated on our campus in the past three weeks. For all Boskalis colleagues based in our offices in Papendrecht, who have been working from home since the pandemic started in March, we organized the Staying Connected Live event. They had the opportunity to catch up with their team members during a breakfast, lunch or afternoon drinks session in .

Side Closer Again

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The basis for this is simply telling the story, because every Slovenia Phone Number List employer has a story. But what is yours? And how do you translate that story and keep it alive? You do this together with your own employees! There is still a long way to go in communication and information among the creators and creators of content diversity. And I’m not just talking about skin color, but also about cultural background, economic and social position, mindset and views. How can we ensure that broad-based content strategy is better suited to groups of people we would like (or even need) to reach, but from whom we ourselves are sometimes far removed?

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