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Operability outside of your existing connections, but they do come with some limitations. Try to limit your hashtags to three per post. According to LinkedIn’s former senior director of product management, Pete Davies, that should be enough to target your audience without spamming your post. This means the LinkedIn algorithm will note whether it believes you’re stuffing your post with hashtags just to appear in more searches, and that will impact your search results.

It’s also key to use a mix of both Oman Phone Number popular and niche hashtags – this way you can stay relevant while still focusing on your target audience. 4. Take advantage of your employees’ networks Another way you can work towards your LinkedIn marketing goals revolves around using your employee network. The LinkedIn algorithm empowers personal accounts, like your own personal LinkedIn account (or those of your employees).

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This means that when choosing Oman Phone Number what to show in someone’s feed, posts coming from personal accounts will always be shown before business accounts. If you aren’t pushing your LinkedIn Company page to personal accounts, it is very unlikely for your business to surpass your goals. You can accomplish this in a couple of different ways.

First, you can tag specific individuals in the post. Only do this if it makes sense, like if they wrote the post, or are directly tied to the offer you’re promoting. You also should get their assurance that they’ll react to the post within the hour. This elevates the post’s quality in the algorithm. If you can’t always tag employees in a post, you have another option. After you’ve posted to your company page, you can select the nifty little “Notify Employees” tab in the menu shown below.

This tool can notify up to five employees about your post. Getting your employees to support your company page will be essential to increasing your reach.

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 Make sure your followers know there is a person behind your LinkedIn Company page. This seems like a no-brainer but is often overlooked on company social media accounts. It’s rare to find people on social media (and especially LinkedIn).

who only push their own content and ignore all else. Instead, people usually respond to posts when they’re tagged, share third-party content, and like/comment on posts that are related to their industry. You need to follow this kind of behavior when running your company page.

Respond to followers who tag your account, or comment on your posts. Make sure to share relevant industry news from third-party accounts. Share uplifting news about your employees, company culture, or your industry, even if it isn’t tied directly back to one of your offers.

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