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From ally to stock market watchdog and from social organization Paraguay Phone Number List to trade union. PR: strategy as a guideline Good PR fits in seamlessly with the company’s strategy, according to Carla de Barros Barbosa and Christine van der Linden in their book De PR-factor (affiliate). Organizational storylines that are of interest to your target audience should always contain a core Paraguay Phone Number List message that aligns with the strategic business or brand objectives. To make a flying start with this, the authors introduce the brand passport. This tool lets you get started with valuable, relevant content. Describe your current and desired situation (‘from’ and ‘to’), formulate your ‘promise’ (‘what will you fulfill?’

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A brand story only becomes interesting for news media if it Paraguay Phone Number responds to what is going on in current events.” Picket posts from the press To reinforce this point, the authors let a number of journalists speak in the book. That is enlightening, because they make clear where the picket posts are. A too commercial sende. Message is immediately a reason to Paraguay Phone Number List ignore ‘news’. Involvement in the journalistic approach is also not appreciated. John van Schagen of BNR Nieuwsradio says about this: “Providing news at the gate and making suggestions is fine. After that, you have to leave it to the journalist. He determines how he will approach the subject and who he will speak to.

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Prove that your company is relevant, future-oriented, customer-friendly and socially involved. That is what the target group is waiting for. To achieve that, according to Carla and Christine, you need ‘the PR factor’. According to the duo, this scheme has these 4 elements: actuality surprise Paraguay Phone Number List appealing carriers possibility of identification Current, therefore relevant Connect to current events, so that people see that you deliver on what you promise in the current situation. “For those who want media attention, it is necessary to find a reason to make the content newsworthy,” write Carla de Barros Barbosa and Christine van der Linden.

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