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How will marketing be in the future, which is digital marketing, It goes from the 19th century to most of the 20th century. Main features of marketing 1.0: – Focused on the product. – Sells with functional features. – Focuses on the physical needs of the consumer. Therefore, Use traditional means. – Communication is unidirectional. Marketing 2.0: Listening to the consumer future trends digital marketing future neuromarketing It goes from the 90s to the year 2004. Therefore, Peculiarities of marketing 2.0: – Is interested in the consumer. – Satisfies and retains users. – It is measured by the value it brings to people.

Use traditional and interactive media. Communication is bidirectional. Marketing 3.0: Adopting values future trends digital marketing Marketing 30 Adopting values ​​digital trends. It goes from the year 2005 to the year 2016. Main Honduras WhatsApp Number List of marketing 3.0: – Acquire values. Adopt social purposes. – Understand the consumer through big data. – Use interactive media. Communication is multidirectional. Marketing 4.0: Omnichannel and strategy future digital marketing trends marketing trends 2025 2030 new digital marketing trends

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Future of digital mkt, It goes from the year 2017 to the years 2022 – 2025. Main trends of marketing 4.0: – Delve into social purposes. Therefore, Humanizes brands. – Assesses the emotional needs of the client. – There is omnichannel hyperconnectivity. Therefore, Communication is omnidirectional. Since its inception in 2016, Marketing 4.0 is the stage of marketing in which we currently live and is characterized by the fact that, for the first time, professionals in this discipline have the ability to manage the user experience at all points of contact of the buyer’s journey. ,

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on all digital channels. With the advent of the digital age, the way brands communicate with customers has changed forever. Therefore, The introduction of network marketing, the rise of mobile technology, the proliferation of the Internet and the consolidation of neuromarketing created this new era of digital marketing. Therefore, According to Philip Kotler, this phase of digital media marketing strategies is based on the philosophy of constantly innovating because systems, algorithms, and neural networks have the ability to learn and evolve with the customer and their needs.

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achieve more personalized results and provide greater value to the customer. Without a doubt, the idea that you should stay with is that this stage of digital commodification. Provides interactive marketers with the opportunity to achieve rapid growth in their campaigns because. It provides them with key information about. The preferences and needs of the client, which results in closer, more effective and profitable campaigns.

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