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 The higher priority it is to correct the error. Google search console determining the number of links pointing to a missing page is among the best approaches to use in handling 404 errors that are new. The broken links can come from a number of sources. Some sources include search engines results.  Marketing materials.  Email messages.  Other websites or the owner’s own website to access information of all server requests that return a 404 error.  Register the site with google search console (gsc). Gsc is highly recommended because error reports are sent directly from google.

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Google search console alerts a website owner when a sharp increase in the number of 404 errors occurs. Regular weekly or monthly monitoring allows redirects as the 404 errors occur. Keeping an eye on the logs will let the website owner know if a sudden surge of 404s appears. The errors being fixed by the owner is preferable to letting users fill out broken link forms. It is not the job of visitors to notify the owner about broken links to a website. Customize a 404 error landing page customize a 404 error landing page as part of the overall seo strategy.  404 errors are a piece of importance. They usually do not get the attention they deserve. The average visitor does not know what a 404 error message means. Default messages are often too technical. They are poorly constructed for the most part. Visitors are left frustrated. These are the best arguments for constructing 404 error landing pages. Creating a custom 404 error page is highly recommended. This will facilitate visitors’ ability to continue the search with less hassle. Customize 404 not found errors to reflect the website brand being attempted to navigate. The design of the error page should match the website. Important navigational components of the website such as footer.

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Header.  And sidebar should be included. Users are able to navigate easily to other website pages. The search box from the website should be included. Instructions to type relevant keywords should be given. Providing 404 header status on the error page is important. If the 404 header status is not provided.  Search engine problems are created. Pages that have 404 server header status that return a 404 are also the only ones trusted by search engines. If 404 is not being returned.  Those pages are unable to be removed from the search engine index of google. Here are some suggestions for an effective.  Yet compact look for the landing page. Simplicity is important. An explanation of why a user landed on the 404 page instead of the intended page should be present. Some sort of apology that recognizes the importance of the user’s time should be made. When creating a landing page the ‘404’ does not have to appear on the page. Words that subtly tell visitors the requested page no longer exists are all that are necessary. A too little and too much information balance must be reached.

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