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Social situation of the country and its consequences on the economy of a company. Bonuses: Here is a list of some tools to analyze your competition in social networks , that is, so you can see what they do and how they do it. An excellent tool for measuring the competition on Twitter. You can find out how many tweets you have, know your audience, the words you use the most. Foller.me : With this tool you can also know how your competition is doing on Twitter. For example, you can know the date of creation of an account, analyze their tweets, hours of greatest activity and sentiment towards the brand.

This tool is very useful to monitor or track a certain word, which in a social network analysis, is a keyword for the business. Klout – If you want to know how influential your brand is, then use this free tool. Rival IQ : ideal tool to analyze the Poland WhatsApp Number List performance of your brand and that of your competition. Yes, it is paid. Meltwater – This is another tool to monitor a brand not only on social media, but also on forums and blogs. Likealyzer : this tool is exclusive to analyze and measure the performance and potential of your brand’s fan page.

Barometer : This Free Agora Pulse Tool

will allow you to benchmark your brand’s fan page. Definition of objectives Once the analysis is done, the time has come to establish the objectives of a social media strategy, because without them, practically nothing makes sense. That is why these objectives have to be SMART. How? The objectives must be clear and measurable to be able to say at the end of the strategy that the goal has been met, otherwise it will be difficult to define whether they were met or not. goals-smart-impulse.gifImage: Giphy They are called SMART because precisely this word is the acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely .

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But what do they mean? Specific means that the goal should be as specific as possible. Measurable means that the objective must be quantifiable or measurable, not vague or ambiguous. Attainable means that the goal must be ambitious, a challenge for the brand, but attainable or possible. Realistic means that the goal must be within the possibilities of the mark. It’s okay to be pretentious, but always keep your feet on the ground. Timely means that the goal must have a reach or achievement date. Only then will you know if you reached your goal. Thus, defining the objectives should be easier.

I Divide Them By General Objectives

and for each one, the specific ones, which would become the SMART ones. Example: If after your analysis you decide that one of your goals is to increase sales, the SMART or specific goal will be to get a certain number of leads in 30 calendar days. If your goal is to attract new customers, your SMART goal will be to increase your web traffic by a certain percentage in 30 calendar days. If your goal is to improve branding, your SMART goal will be to increase engagement with your community by a certain percentage in 30 calendar days.

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