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In an already classic scene from the movie Matrix .  The evil Sentinels, who protect the Matrix, have manage to corner Neo. It seems that humanity’s last hope is about to be dash. However, Neo has previouHas Actually Livedsly . Had a neck implant implant that allows him to instantly download martial arts knowledge to his brain. In seconds he becomes a master of karate. Able to defeat the Sentinels with impressive flying kicks and precise shots.

The Matrix, learning the amazing skills of a black belt karate master is as easy as plugging an electrode into your brain and pressing the “download” button. Maybe one day we too can download memories Matrix Frame But what happens . When the memories we download are fake? In the film Total Challenge (Len Wiseman, 2012), Arnold Schwarzenegger is implant with false memories.  Which completely blurs the line between reality and fiction.

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He bravely fights the Iceland phone number ones on Mars until the end of the movie.  When he suddenly realizes that he is their leader. He is perplexe to discover that his memories of being a normal.  Law-abiding citizen are completely fabricate. Memory, in its many forms. Is probably the most important function of any nervous system. Whether human or animal. Without it, learning would not be possible.  Nor would organisms change their behavior as a result of past experience.

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This broad concept includes such disparate phenomena as memorizing the shopping list.  Remembering how to ride a bike, or attenuating the squid’s escape response to a repeat stimulus. But they all have one thing in common.  The record of information in the nervous tissue. Memory, that is, the ability to acquire and retain information, is unreliable.

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Memory is far from a function that reproduces exactly what we have perceived or felt. Without memory, we cannot orient ourselves in our environment, nor can we take advantage of our past experience. Memory, as we know it in our species, is certainly very similar to that of other mammals, is link to structures in the limbic system, and is therefore very old from a phylogenetic point of view. All this makes memory an essential mental function for survival.

In a typical memory study, a subject is ask to memorize information and then remember it. The subject memorizes certain information because the examiner instructs him to do so. Memorization and recollection are the purpose for both, and the decision as to what to remember is left to the examiner and not to the subject. In most real-life situations, we store and remember information not for the sake of remembering it, but as a prerequisite for solving a problem.

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