Have The Concept And The Necessary

And that has a strong counterproductive effect. Fie! Pinkwashing! Are you Spain Phone Number List really going to unpack thematically? Then you also have the LGBT History Month (October in North America, February in the UK), or moments like IDAHOT ( International Day Against Spain Phone Number List Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia , May 17, which was nicely pick up by KPN last year, see photo).  Spirit Day (anti-bullying, in October) and World AIDS Day (December 1). Go for constant diversity & inclusivity So those are the hook-up moments . But your credibility is much easier to build if you show diversity and inclusivity all year round. That really doesn’t mean you have to constantly wave rainbow flags. Do a plumed dance on the executive deck of headquarters.

The Concept and the Necessary

Think in particular of a well-formulated HR policy. In addition to Spain Phone Number sexuality and gender, this should also include gender, ethnicity and people with a physical disability. Then make it strategic instead of tactical, and do it structurally in collaboration with an LGBT organization or charity. When are you taken seriously? When Vodafone distribut pink sunglasses along the Spain Phone Number List route of the Canal Parade in the 10s without sponsoring the event, the reaction was frowne upon. It wasn’t until they joine the parade with a boat for their LGBT employe that they were taken more seriously. Such a boat easily costs a company €50,000, while Netflix even invested €100,000 in it last year. That’s quite a sum. And although there is a chance that you will be taken seriously, the criticism is often still.

The Necessary

Spain Phone Number List

What should such a company be in ‘our Pride’? It still doesn’t get Spain Phone Number List through to the masses that a parade costs a lot of money. That has to come from somewhere. Where a ‘friends boat’ can participate for €500 and a foundation pays €6,000, the big money comes Spain Phone Number List from the big companies. IBM, ING and PostNL were among the first to participate. A large part of the budget is covered by mainstream corporates . This continues to fuel the discussion about the commercialization of Pride , but for me that discussion is now over. It’s necessary, so let’s do it right . Pride, but also Marketing the Rainbow in general. Also read: Contribute to a fair & clean world?

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