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This article was originally published in november 2017 and has been updated with more relevant and recent information. What is endomarketing and how to improve your business’ internal communication check out what internal marketing is. Why it matters and how it can help motivate and engage your employees in this article! January 6. 2022 via hotmart read time 7 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp endomarketing – white megaphone on blue and yellow gradient background.icons with lights. Calendar contacts. Heart and list of items around. Generally. Small entrepreneurs invest in marketing in their businesses. However. They end up forgetting a very important part: human capital. Therefore. Understanding the concept of internal marketing and knowing how to apply it is fundamental.

After all. These actions and strategies will help strengthen the internal structure of the business. Generate more engagement and motivation among employees. Among other benefits. So. If you want your business to grow and have happy. Satisfied. And engaged professionals. Read this article on home marketing carefully! Publish index menu index what is domestic marketing? Strengthening the pillar of your company domestic marketing: the soul of your business invest in internal marketing and boost your business back to index what is domestic marketing? Domestic marketing is relationship. When a relationship is healthy. Strong. And well nourished. Everyone involved in it lives happily. When businesses want to attract. Conquer and retain customers. The external public. They typically invest heavily in marketing.

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So. What about the inside audience? Collaborator? The same investment. The same attention. Must exist in the people who work for the business every Hungary phone number day. After all. The most important asset in any business is human capital. Achieving the goals and objectives of an organization will be more difficult without happy. Motivated. Satisfied and engaged professionals. Therefore. Creating a pleasant environment. A strong internal culture that promotes communication. Engagement. Listening and valuing professionals is an essential action. Marketing must start from the inside out. However. The only point worth emphasizing before proceeding is that internal marketing should not be confused with internal communication as each has its purpose and meaning.

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Understand! What is the difference between internal marketing and internal communication? Endomarketing consists of a series of actions and strategies to understand and improve the relationship between a business and its employees. Internal communication. On the other hand. Involves the process of communication. The efficient and clear exchange of information and information between parties. I.e. Professionals. Teams and organizations. Strengthening the backbone of your company in order to be successful in your business. Domestic marketing must be taken with great care. Attention and seriousness. Therefore. In addition to formulating the right actions and strategies. There must also be a clear set of goals. Objectives and basic principles. A daily dialogue with the company.

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Respect and promotion of team spirit. And to achieve this. It is very important to be committed to the mission and values of the organization and make this clear to all employees. Practicing mission the mission of a business is related to why it exists. Why it exists. Why does he exist? Simply put. It reflects the role of a business in the markets in which it operates. For example. Microsoft’s mission is “to help people and businesses around the world reach their full potential.” values applied in routine values. On the other hand. Have to do with how an organization operates. That is. They represent what the business believes in. And to it. It is non-negotiable. Some examples are: ethics; honesty; safety; responsibility; creativity; diversity; respect for others and freedom. Internal marketing: the soul of the business to reinforce what we have covered so far and to clarify the importance of internal marketing to the business.

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