How Did Digital Ocean Come About?

In 2003, ben and moisey uretsky created serverstack, a company. That offered managed hosting services. But, the vision of the brothers made them understand. That there was a need in the market that no one was attending.

It happens that providers at the time offered very robust services. That met the needs of large companies, however, software. Developers did not have an effective solution .

So, in 2011, ben and moisy founded digital ocean. In 2012, mitch wainer. Joined the group, and soon after, the company launched its product. Still in beta. After a few months, jeff carr and alec hartman joined the team.

In that year, techstars, a startup accelerator , accepted digital ocean. And, in august, the company already had 400 clients. From then on, the growth was great.

Who should use cloud hosting? 

Do you want to know if it is the most suitable for you? Now we are going to tell you some tips to guide you in your decision.

Imagine a company that cannot be without its intranet and. Whose platform is critical to the operation of the IT Directors Managers Email Lists business.

In this case, cloud hosting is an excellent alternative, since one of. The benefits it offers is related to uptime, and consequently, availability.

Occasionally, low-quality hosts can crash, which means low uptime. Far from 100%. But, if the service is based on the cloud. You can count on a level of availability capable of guaranteeing the proper functioning of your company.

The same principle is applied to ecommerce.

IT Directors Managers Email Lists

Think about how terrible it would be to have an ecommerce that stopped working. The moment customers were checking out or choosing a product.

The issue of uptime is also important when it comes to large blogs. That contain a huge amount of content and receive heavy traffic from visitors.

If that is what you plan for your blog, it is better that you choose a good. Quality hosting at the beginning, this will prevent you. From having to change providers when your site begins to grow.


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