How to Create the Perfect Landing

The goal for any business is to get the online users to then make a conversion. Such as purchasing a product or filling out an enquiry form. A landing page should stand out to visitors and be user-friendly. It needs to encourage and tell the visitor exactly what they should do next and allow it to be done in the easiest way possible. Customers who are engaged enough to want to contact you can still drop away if the contact forms are not easy to find. For example. bugherd-campaign-dan-2022 In this article, we’ll show you what elements to include and how to include them to create the perfect landing page that increases average session duration and maximizes conversions!


Engaging Headers To start with


Your landing page should have a clear header that is visible and legible. The header should say exactly what your unique selling point is for the product or service you are offering. This should include something short but catchy. Could be a relevant company slogan. After the header. It could be useful to include a sub-header to expand on what Vietnam Phone Number you are intending to do on the landing page and more about your business. Take a look at our dedicated digital marketing agency for an example of how to achieve this. Link here.


Imagery Video & Other Forms of Media

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No one wants to see a webpage without visual elements. Many online users prefer to learn and interpret things visually in this modern day. This is why it is important that to create the perfect landing page. You incorporate imagery or video into the design. A video should be short, to the point and engaging if used. It needs to represent what the landing page is. About and tell a story from start to finish even if it is only 30 seconds long. Above all, the video needs to add value. Longer videos will lose the user’s. Attention span and could also be.Harmful to SEO if they don’t load properly or put a strain. On the web page loading times due to size.

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