How to Stake Out the Positioning

Even bigger than in normal times. According to research on marketing during crisis periods over the past 100 years. And the effect was long-lasting. It was still visible years later. It is important Egypt Phone Number List here that you as an organization must remain visible. Although the immediate urgency to conduct marketing is less great at first sight. Or as the author states. It is a condition that brands must be available to their consumer or audience, in good and bad times”. The face behind the performance or exhibition You can say that this is not the best time for the cultural sector.

The Positioning Of Your Brand

So how do you ensure that as a cultural institution you Egypt Phone Number remain ‘available’ with a slimmed-down and uncertain offer? By focusing more on your corporate communication. Actually a collective name for all internal and external company communication. The aim of corporate communication is to coordinate all forms of communication. Thereby create Egypt Phone Number List a strong image.Showing the face of culture marketing In the first corona months, the branding of a cultural institution, in addition to a number of other communication developments. Became more important in the cultural sector. From cultural marketing at ‘product level’ – performances, shows, exhibitions or concerts – to marketing at organizational level. Or as Mathijs Bouwman of Peppered puts it nicely in this article.

Must Be Very Clear

Egypt Phone Number List

It’s still about the bond you have with your audience and your Egypt Phone Number List visitors. But the little engine that keeps that band running – the performance, the concert – has been swept away and is largely in the trash. But even without corona, overarching communication Egypt Phone Number List about your institution is essential. That is to say: the long-term story of an organization. And the more personal it is, the more recognizable you are as an institution for visitors (online and offline). Your colleagues will spread the word, you can choose more clearly who you want to be and this makes it clear to visitors. A number of reasons to have your branding in order as an organization: Also read: Communication in the cultural sector: new ideas, new strategies Stay visible to your supporters .

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