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them with greater value and satisfaction than other stores. With these factors, they can easily decide if they are loyal to your brand or look for other options that meet all their requirements. Relationship marketing will allow you to create and maintain the customer through a continuous, relevant and fruitful relationship for both parties. Relationship marketing activities are carried out to help achieve those objectives (short, medium and long term) that as a company, you have established in your virtual store, with the aim of generating “customers for life”.

Like all companies, your virtual store has a target market. Customer segmentation plays a very important role in relationship marketing. The aim is to achieve a segmentation into small groups of Albania WhatsApp Number List with similar characteristics that can be spoken to individually. This is through conducting a market study of your product, to later generate a database where you have. Your current and potential customers at your fingertips. To which you can apply an advertising strategy so that they know your brand. products. CRM o Customer Relationship Management

This Management Model For Your Virtual

store is based on achieving customer satisfaction. Because, as we have mentioned in previous posts, social networks. Are currently part of an interaction strategy between the client and the company. The so-social CRM. Social CRM is mainly by. The need that exists on the part of companies to know and sometimes recover those links with customers. Especially through social networks , where each comment has the ability to become viral.

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And can affect positively or negatively the image of a brand. That’s why social CRM differs a bit from the traditional definition of CRM, adding the ability to exchange and chat with customers. Through the profiles on social networks, your virtual store will have access to. The information that the user is willing to share, so it to follow up on each one. With this information you can contact them to notify them of new products , offers or what you consider to be of possible interest, which each one will surely receive as a positive interaction.

Rewarding You With Visits To Your Store

purchases of your products or recommendations. This leads to constant feedback, as your customers have the opportunity to give their opinion and share their impressions through social networks, such as Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , etc., which will also allow you to identify what you can do to please them, what is what they expect from you, your products and customer service.

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