If You Produce Your Products

Consider testing a prototype so that people have access to it; perhaps they can offer valuable data on what you are trying to improve. And if you don’t produce your own products, ask your readers which options they read the most and are in stock. Let them anticipate what they want to buy. Here’s an example of a company putting up prototypes on their blog asking for feedback, via Catan Boards. There are two photos of the prototype, and people who love to comment are eager to do so. Here is an excerpt: Catan Bag prototype at work. (Photo 1) (Photo 2) What do you think?

It still looks good, but we’re getting close to finishing pre-production, so we want to know what it looks like for you. Make a tutorial of your products Everyone wins when your consumers know how to Benin WhatsApp Number List your products. Not all products need an in-depth tutorial on how to use them. For certain products, this can be a great help. Does your product have interesting but not so obvious uses? Is it better used in certain conditions? Is there something the customer should do to get the best out of the product?

Clarify Those Points Potential

and existing customers may discover one more way to use your products. Here is an example of a blog post offering ideas for getting the most out of Audicus brand hearing aids. Many are not so obvious and can improve the customer experience. Here an excerpt: Audit Training Auditory training can help you discern sounds smoothly in noisy environments like parties and restaurants. Auditory Training programs such as Listening And Communication Enhancement (LACE) can increase speech understanding by up to 40% and offer multiple listening exercises.

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Audio Games Recent studies have shown that sound sets, when played with specialized hearing aids like Visually Guided Hearing, can improve your ability to detect soft speech. Audiogames.net offers hundreds of free games, many of which only rely on sound. Advertise a sale This is a somewhat obvious idea. When you have a big sale coming up, announce it on your blog. You’re going to give people something to share via a link. Use the space to talk about your products that are for sale, and if applicable, why these products are appropriate for the occasion, etc.

And If You Want To Design Something

Include a graphic. Here’s an example of a blog post announcing a sale in the form of a nice graphic, via Cult Crew. Note that the red, white, and blue theme goes perfectly with the 4th of July celebration. run a contest Running a contest is similar to advertising a sale. Both strategies are effective and attractive ways to generate attention to your store. Just make sure you’re not making some of the more common mistakes. You can have all kinds of gifts, from your products, gift cards or special experiences like visiting your store.

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