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Like the squares in our math notebook Iceland Phone Number the past. The x-axis intersects y-axis, sometimes with 45° rotation. Diamonds as decoration of a color area, but more often as if the designer has left the grid. For the Iceland Phone Number twist. Mathematics checks as one of the design trends. Math diamond as ‘forgotten gridlines’ at Gucci , Team Liquid and Fila ; and as a decorative element at DEGIRO , Hoofdvaart College and Erasmus+ . 9. F*ck-you fluor Across the board we see peace, regularity Iceland Phone Number longing for the past.

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But in design aimed at younger Iceland Phone Number groups, we see something completely different: brutal design reigns supreme here. It’s only really hip with fluorine and jerky animations. Do we Iceland Phone Number a middle finger here to the distress of restrictive corona measures? The online experience of a riot? Fluorine as one of the design trends. Fluorescent curses at Jobbird , Gucci , Lowlands , Low Five Brewing , Catapultismo and NPO Kennis . 10. Identical HomepagesSynthetic media are media manipulated or created by artificial intelligence. Deepfakes Iceland Phone Number fall under this. You have probably already seen some examples. It is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The question is whether, now that synthetic media is playing an increasingly important role.

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We will soon be able to distinguish Iceland Phone Number real and fake. What does the new reality look like? Playing with reality Menno van Doorn, Sander Duivestein and Thijs Pepping discuss this topic in their book Echt fake (affiliate). They address the need people have always had to play with reality, Iceland Phone Number all the way back to the time of hieroglyphics. But never before has this been so easy and credible as it is now. The question they investigate in their book is how we keep a grip on Iceland Phone Number when the fake is increasingly preferred over the real. In that case, it is first good to realize that technology is not opposed to humans, but synthetic media provide new relationships and new forms of play with reality.

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