In order to find a good job, this generation of young people has begun to self-hype Turkey Mobile Number

Even if you are lucky enough to  be able to “run now”, the possibility of being able to happily hold hands with your favorite job is only one in ten.

How can you seize the opportunity and stand out from the army of job seekers?

The answer is to learn to “sell” yourself.

There is a very classic 4P principle in marketing theory, namely Product, Price, Marketing, Channel and Place.

Using the classic 4P principles of marketing skillfully to sell yourself may help you find your desired job.

1. Change thinking and cognition, improve self-ability

Product: Change thinking and cognition, improve self-ability

When you plan to sell yourself, you can try to Turkey Mobile Number polish yourself as a product. At this time, HR will become your target customer, clarify the needs of target users, and find ways to match them.

It sounds easy, but how do you do it?

First of all, you can try to change your thinking and cognition and get out of your comfort zone.

There is a theory in economics  called path dependence, which means that if a person makes a certain choice, inertia will make you repeat this behavior unconsciously, and eventually a fixed pattern will be formed, which is difficult to change.

In a sense, this is our comfort zone.

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At this time, we can try to not only spin around in the field that we are good at, but also analyze ourselves and improve our ability.

A friend’s experience: a senior editor of traditional media, after the decline of traditional media, he wanted to jump to a new media company.

When he submitted his resume, he felt very confident: he had been relying on words for many years, and writing articles and planning news had long been familiar to him, and this new job was perfect for him.

But after the interview, I found out that it was not what I thought at all.

The articles written by people in traditional media are completely different from the style of new media, as if they dragged the news anchor and host Kangxi to come.

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