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Think of it as if you were asking Cesar Nepal Phone Number to play The Second Waltz on a violin. While André Rieu plays Radar Love on the drums. Cesar and André are both musicians, so why not? Or have your house Nepal Phone Number repaint the Night Watch. I like to be surprised by the result. A brilliant copywriter is creative, stubborn and smart. But a brilliant copywriter is never a thousand-things cloth. 2. A copywriter is expensive Yep, that’s what some people think. And I get that. Especially Nepal Phone Number you compare the rate between copywriters. The difference in the hourly rate of one or the other sometimes amounts to € 100.00.

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Long long ago (2011), my very Nepal Phone Number client thought my hourly rate of €65.00 was bizarrely high. Because, he paid his previous copywriter € 25.00 per hour. “Okay, but there’s a reason Nepal Phone Number stopped hiring that previous copywriter and called me?” Made my point . And with the promise that he did not have to pay the invoice as a result, the man dared to work with me. The invoice for my texts was paid neatly. And a week later I was called for a follow-up assignment. Years later, my hourly rate has more than doubled. And the client still hires me. Do you ever get the Nepal Phone Number that you are too expensive.

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Then ask a question in return. For example: ‘if you Nepal Phone Number the costs of my services as a copywriter with what my texts yield, do you still think a copywriter is expensive?’ 3. A copywriter writes Nepal Phone Number Dutch. Nope. And that is for 2 main reasons. Reason 1: Many copywriters are deliberately incompetent when it comes to following writing rules. And so copywriters make deliberate spelling mistakes every now and then. Or do they start a sentence with ‘and’, ‘because’ or ‘because’. If it Nepal Phone Number conversion, anything is possible in the copywriting business . Then reason 2: a great copywriter can do magic with words.

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