In What Situations Can a Man in the Middle Attack Be Generated?

In this case, the attacker places malware in the browser with the aim of seizing all valuable user data.

This occurs in browsers that have not been properly updated, making them vulnerable to infiltrations .

A Trojan horse, also called a Trojan virus or simply a Trojan horse, is often used to intercept and manipulate calls between the main application executable (such as the browser) and its security mechanisms or libraries on the fly.

The most frequent goal of this attack is to cause financial fraud.

DHCP server attack
In a DHCP server attack, the hacker transmits a large number of DHCP (the protocol by which an IP address is assigned) request messages with spoofed source MAC addresses.

If the legitimate DHCP server on the network starts responding to all these bogus messages, the available IP addresses in the DHCP server’s range will be exhausted in a very short period of time.

DNS server attack
In this mode, hackers manipulate the Finance Directors Email Lists cache entries of a DNS server so that it outputs bogus destination addresses. If they are successful, they could send users elsewhere without their knowledge.

After that, This mainly occurs on servers with outdated software.

ARP cache poisoning
With this strategy, attackers intercept communication between network devices, and impersonate one side of the communication channel: provider or client. After that, This seriously jeopardizes the information of both parties.

If this operation is successful, the attacker will be able to:

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Scan channels and steal data (except if it is transferred over an encrypted channel such as HTTPS);
Hijack the session where the user is currently logged in
Modify the communication and send a malicious file to the workstation;
Cause Distributed Denial of Service ( DDoS )⁠—that is, attackers can provide the MAC address of a server they wish to DDoS, rather than their own machine. If they do this for a large number of IP addresses, the destination server will be bombarded with traffic.
Wireless Network Simulation
If your device connects to this fraudulent network, you will be putting all your information at serious risk.

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