How To Use Video Marketing To Increase Qatar Phone Number Engagement With Blog Posts

As you gear up for the new year, now is the perfect time to take a look at ways you can improve your content marketing strategy. Are you looking for ways to take your business’ blog to the next level? Now is the time to look into using video marketing to increase engagement with your blog posts.

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First and foremost, there are many ways to use video to ignite your marketing campaigns. One of those ways is with video content, which is everywhere and there is a high demand for it from consumers of many brands and businesses.

Why Use Video Marketing to Increase Engagement With Your Blog Posts?

As a marketer, you need to understand how your consumers Qatar Phone Number or audience absorb your content. How do they read your blog? Do they read it word for word? Do they skim and just scan it? What is the average amount of time a reader spends on each blog post? As direct as these questions may seem, understanding consumer and audience behavior is crucial, especially when it comes to creating content and increasing engagement.

Videos help break up the text in your blog posts.

We now live in a digital age where attention spans are becoming shorter, and the first 10 seconds are the most crucial part of capturing your reader’s attention online. These are the moments when your visitor makes the decision whether to continue browsing through your Qatar Phone Number website for additional information or leave and proceed elsewhere. According to a 2013 study by Medium, the optimal blog post is about 7 minutes long, which translates to around 1,600 words in length. More recently, however, that length has been creeping up. A 2020 survey of 1,279 bloggers by Orbit Media found that web content of 3,000 words or more is most likely to yield strong results. The survey revealed that posts over 1,500 words begin to perform above average.

To help overcome this inevitable truth of readers merely scanning through webpages, articles, and blog posts, using visual content such as videos can help break up the text in your blog posts. It’s time to let go of those lengthy paragraphs and cut down on the text. Use shorter sentences, be more concise, and utilize visuals. Why? Because videos stand out and attract readers. When people are scanning through a copious amount of text, they are most likely to stop at the images. They are also more likely to skim the lines right before and right after the visual to absorb the main points.

Videos increase the time spent on your blog posts.

This study by Oracle suggests that videos can increase the time spent on your webpage by more than 100%. When you include videos in your blog posts, readers will feel more inclined to stop when they reach the video. More often than not, readers will end up engaging with the content by clicking on the video because it stands out in the midst of all text in the blog post.

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