Indexing a Website in Google

Indexing is registering pages or urls in google search engines. In this way, the pages will appear among the first results of google search engines. If we stop to think about what pages or urls we should index in google, the answer is very simple, and we don’t have to think about it. It is google itself, when we index our web page, which is responsible for tracking which pages or urls of our website are going to be indexed. To understand this, we are going to answer a series of questions about the process of indexing to google. What urls should i index in google?

You have to be quite selective about the pages you want to index in google. We are the ones who tell google which pages to index and which not. This is important because the search engine will not like that we offer pages that give a poor response Ukraine WhatsApp Number List respect to user traffic. This can play a bad game regarding the positioning of our site. Mainly, the pages that must be indexed must respond to needs or questions that may arise in the user. Google works in a clear way.

Users Use Search Engines

to find information, curiosities, answer questions, buy products or hire a service. With this we must understand that the pages that we index to google must contain timely and relevant information, as well as our different products and services. If the content of the page does not respond to a user request. The page should not be indexed. For example, if you have an online makeup store.  The main page of our website, our different sections, our blog or a specific blog entry must be indexed in google. It is important that we also mention the web pages that we do not want to be indexed in google.

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It is true that each web page has a different structure and offers products and services in a different way . That is why the task of deciding what should be and what should not be is not so simple. We must attend to specific cases to define what you should index or not. Pages that in principle should not be indexed in google.  Contact pages (unless you are a major brand or celebrity) privacy.  And cookie policies meaningless author pages for.  The user legal notices duplicate content tags navigation pages does google always follow our directions?

What We Ask for Indexed?

As we before, it is google that is in charge of tracking what is going to be in its search engines. Therefore, we can tell google the pages that we want to index, but in the end it may not pay attention to us and publish what it decides. There is no 100% guarantee that what we want to be in google search engines will stay that way. However, it is worth mentioning that normally google does pay attention and leaves . How to index a page in google?

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