Industry-leading steel column formwork method to build a secure

Industry-leading steel column formwork method to build a secure and stable sustainable home Qiu Chongzhe. A devout Christian and general manager of Fengyi Construction, once said.

The Bible records

The ten commandments followed by South Africa Phone Number the Christian faith, of which the sixth commandment is not to kill. Therefore, according to the teachings of the Bible, not only cannot harm other people’s lives, even indirectly affecting the safety of life is not allowed. Fengyi implements such a outlook on life. In the field of work, in the case of construction, structural safety is the most important thing. Therefore, in the five principles of Fengyi Architecture safety, function, beauty, community culture, and spiritual art.

Safety has always been the top priority and an unshakable foundation. In order to complete the mission of safe construction. Mention the steel column formwork structure that Fengyi Construction is most proud of. This is the experience and practice of Fengyi’s team who visited Japan for many times to earthquake-proof buildings.

The tightness of the steel formwork is much greater than that of the plank formwork. The use of the steel formwork instead of the plank is not only more environmentally friendly. Ensures no leakage of grout during pouring. Naturally higher. Fengyi Oxygen not only adopts the proud steel column formwork structure, but also has excellent solutions for the drainage problems that many households worry about. Different from the traditional diversion configuration of the four main pipeline systems. Fengyi created the diversion configuration of the eight main main pipeline systems. which makes the traditional parallel pipes become independent diversions. Sewage and wastewater are no longer mixed and discharged.

This move not only prevents blockage and rainwater return, but also implements water circulation and environmental protection green buildings, making Fengyi Oxen also promoted to the list of sustainable buildings. With the spirit of these three principles as architectural backing. wonder that Fengyi’s architecture is so popular in Taichung or Hsinchu.

Now stationed in Linkou  business district

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To benefit the people of northern Taiwan. Fengyi Oxygen, with a base of about has a large-area low-rise building plan, so that the shortest distance between the two buildings with  above ground and  underground is  meters. the advantages of three facing roads and wide distance between buildings, making it the tallest residential building nearby.

Public facilities include reception hall, gym, rhythm classroom, audio-visual room, cooking classroom, parent-child classroom, etc. There is even a -square-meter park in the community, providing residents with an open space for relaxation. Fengyi Oxygen, Live Wellness! For reservations, please contact. Fengyi Oxen Reception Center

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