Instead Of Creating Their Own App


They consolidated all of their activity within Facebook Messenger, which already has 1.2 billion monthly users. Another example is that of Tommy Hilfiger, which created a bot to discover new products. While this chatbot had some issues to improve, we still highlight how to help facilitate a experience for customers. Although these AI “characters” are still in the development stage, they have plenty of room to grow and should not be ignored by marketers. Because they are important?

More and more people are using messaging apps like Messenger (1.2 billion users) and WhatsApp (1 billion) to communicate. According to Statista , there are 1.82 billion users of mobile messaging apps worldwide. That figure is to reach 2.48 billion Jamaica WhatsApp Number List in the next 4 years . And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from social media marketing , it’s that you need to be on the platforms your audiences are using, ie messaging apps. chatbots-digital-marketing-millennials.jpg The way we like to communicate today has also undergone transformations.

Nielsen ‘s survey for Facebook

Revealed that 65% of millennial and Gen X users prefer to chat over calling and emailing when trying to communicate with a brand. Incorporating these bots to resolve customer queries could potentially address issues like low question response rate and question answer ratio — all while conversing with customers in a way that’s comfortable for them. The future of chatbots Chatbots are here to stay, so we marketers need to start including them in our strategy now. There are a multitude of different ways we can integrate bots into our social media strategy .


Since bots are fairly new, they attract a lot of attention from the public, which can be a great way to build awareness of a campaign. In addition, they can play a more important role in a company ‘s buyer’s journey , by scheduling appointments or recommending new products. The possibilities are endless. Conclution Right now the golden age of bots is approaching. As instant messaging apps become more widely used, marketers will need to incorporate them into their social media strategy . Due to this large number of active users

It Is Clear That This Class Of Apps

is on its way to becoming an umbrella for a multitude of functions. That can give users access to convenience never seen before. We’ve seen this happen with. WeChat in China, and it’s only a matter of time before we start. To see this trend emerge in the rest of the world. The reality is that the only way to prepare for the next change. Is to plan for the future and take steps to be ready today . If you want to discover other changes. That are taking place in the way of attracting more public. And selling more, download now our ebook ” Digital strategies to transform your marketing

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