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The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets states in its Sustainability Claims Guideline that companies must be able to demonstrate that a sustainability Brazil Phone Number claim is correct. They must regularly check that the claim is still valid and revise it if necessary. So make sure that consumers can trust that the information is up to date. 2. Being Brazil Phone Number  audit by an independent party. Evidence from an independent party helps to make a credible sustainability promise. Think of recognition via a quality mark or control via a third party. An example is th e Brazil Phone Number  Science Bas Target Initiative , a party that checks emission reduction targets and sets them against a quality bar.

 Being audit by an Brazil Phone Number

In addition, there are independent parties that have Brazil Phone Number  crest. A quality mark to help consumers make a sustainable choice. Think, for example, of the Beter Leven Merrymaker of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Brazil Phone Number  Animals. The website of the quality mark indicates that all participating parties are check (the farmer, the slaughterer, the meat processor, but also the supermarket). SMK (Stichting Milieukeur) is also an Brazil Phone Number  example of an independent party.

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It is important that the quality mark has a reliable Brazil Phone Number  reputation among consumers. The reliability can be question or it is unclear what the quality mark stands for, according to research . A concrete link between the quality mark and the sustainability advantage increases confidence. When it comes to quality marks, ACM states Brazil Phone Number  that a quality mark should not give the wrong impression about sustainability and that the quality mark must directly support the claim. So be careful in the use of quality marks, learn about the organizations that offer the quality Brazil Phone Number  marks and do not just use your own quality mark. Also assess the match between the type of product and the ideology or purpose behind the label.

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