International Content Marketing: a Strategy That Gives Strength to Brands in Foreign Territories

An international content marketing plan allows companies to position themselves. As relevant in a foreign market, with a relatively low level of investment and a high. Margin of durability, since it focuses on generating results in the medium/long term.

Every day, even in the most adverse contexts, hundreds of startups. Small ventures and projects backed by significant investments. Emerge all over the world. Many of them have a common dream and goal: corporate internationalization.

In today’s globalized world, in which the internet, social networks. And digital platforms connect us all even though we are thousands. Of kilometers apart, penetrating foreign markets is a need and. A truly coherent and possible goal , especially when international content marketing is used.

And that’s what we came for! In this material we want. To show you a general overview of the good practices of a content strategy. Aimed at a new market and different. Criteria that must be taken into account to develop it successfully.

What peculiarities does International Content Marketing have?

Content marketing is a methodology close to the public, which has. The generation of engagement and qualified leads as two. Of its great priorities.

In order for it to really be the Canadian CFO Email List pillar of an international marketing plan. It is necessary to understand that in order to connect with the new. Market, it is necessary to keep in mind its particularities and essential aspects, such as:

Cultural characteristics
Culture in international marketing is not a minor matter, since. It encompasses all those ideas, perceptions, traditions and customs. That characterize the people of a certain region or country.

Therefore, if this factor and its differentials with respect. To other markets are not understood, it is impossible to establish. A link with the target audience, represented by the buyer persona.

One of the best practices to understand and value the cultural characteristics.

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Of the target market is to have local professionals and talents .

For example, to successfully break into the hispanic scene. Rock content included dozens of content creators with native spanish in. Its material production flows, who were guided by experts (also spanish-speaking). From its team in mexico, the country you chose to start your internationalization.

In turn, these freelancers and professionals are supported by hundreds. Of rock content content marketing specialists in brazil. The company’s home nation.

Economic realities
Purchasing power, the value of the currency, income levels, among. Other factors, are some of those that you must evaluate and distinguish. From the economic point of view to deploy an international content marketing strategy.

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