International Seo Case: How to Have More Than 2 Million Monthly Sessions on Your Blog Without Spending 1 Peso on Ads

Boosting organic traffic to a blog takes time, dedication, and a lot of thought. But the results are too constructive when those factors are. Implemented. Today I tell you the story of how we conquered. More than 1 million sessions without spending a penny on ads.

Something I have learned since I began my journey through content marketing. Is that this methodology stands out for producing permanent. And natural results in the long term .

It was difficult for me to understand it in my first studies and training. But when I jumped at the great opportunity to act as editor. Of this beloved blog, this characteristic became more and more clear.

And I say this because of the results we were achieving with our content in spanish.

Constantly growing, they have allowed us to make the blog the best space. To daily check the knowledge that the entire company. Has built in content marketing.

In the end, this is the specialty that we offer our clients, so we all feel responsible. For making an effort every day so that rock content is. A good example of the value we bring to the market.

I also can’t forget about our international network of writers. Proofreaders, translators, and designers who work hard to Media Directors Email Lists produce. Unforgettable materials for rock’s blog and those of our clients. Without the skills of this group of talents, we would not be as perfect as a company.

To achieve this permanent objective, the blog in spanish has.

Media Directors Email Lists

A feature that makes it even more beautiful: in 5 years of history. We have not carried out any advertising campaign on google or. On social networks to promote the content we publish.

In other words, all the current relevance of the brand on. The hispanic web has been built by an organic authority, based. On valuable content that ranks at the top of google for respecting. The best seo practices and the production of digital content itself.

After the preface, I invite you to join me while I tell the story. Of how we reached the mark of 1.5 million sessions on our blog. In spanish without spending a single peso on ads campaigns.

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