International Seo Techniques

This is a very peculiar characteristic of our content strategy. Those of us who speak spanish (either natively or as a second language). Know that there are many national variations in the use. Of words in each country and even within them, right?

It happens that these linguistic peculiarities cannot be ignored. When putting together an seo strategy. Google’s algorithm ranks pages based on. The terms that users in each country or region typically use to search for them.

That is why there is a set of techniques called international seo. Which we apply daily in this blog with the aim that our articles. Appear naturally in google for different hispanic countries.

Currently this is the ranking of the countries that visit our blog. The most monthly, based on data from february.

Although mexico and colombia stand out as our main audiences. We communicate with all markets and we do not want to be invisible anywhere.

In this sense, sometimes a post that we publish ends up conquering

The top of Google in several countries simultaneously, like this one we did about “Slogan”.

But we do have some priority markets because of the business decisions we currently make, which is reflected in the Quality Directors Email Lists words and topics we choose for each piece of content. That is why most of the articles we produce are oriented based on user behavior in these markets.

Trying to reconcile audiences from different places in Latin America and Europe, we continue with our content and positioning in Google in a natural way.

I share with you some of the processes we carry out to achieve this distributed presence in the digital medium.

Content for specific national markets

Quality Directors Email Lists
Producing materials that are directly related to the semantic context of the user in their country is a great initiative to generate organic traffic in a market of interest to the company.

We do this with Mexico, for example, in content such as the following:

Here we try to link to a topic that is an essential part of our corporate universe (Marketing) with the intention of the local user, which was to find information about the value of the most recognized brands in Mexico.

Combining these two factors, we achieve the privileged position in the SERP that you see in the screenshot.

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