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They create nuances between what India Phone Number call authentic and original or real and fake. In addition to reality players, we are slowly becoming better reality builders. Synthetic media creates nuances India Phone Number what we call authentic and original or real and fake. Focus on the dark side of synthetic media is not justified There is a great focus on the dark side of synthetic media, but this is not India Phone Number according to Van Doorn, Duivestein and Pepping. Manipulation and influence are of all times. That’s not so much the problem.

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What has changed is that the India Phone Number to participate. Are now easily available and reaching an audience of millions is accelerated enormously with the internet. This may be grist to the mill for the India Phone Number field and the innocent advertiser, but also for the populist and lying propaganda. The idea that we as humanity had a universal view of the objective truth before the dawn of this era of post-reality is exaggerat. With the capacity to manipulate images, sound and narration, India Phone Number media offers an unprecedented opportunity to shape reality to your own liking. Also read: The 4 horsemen of the infocalyps: Trump, QAnon, digitprop and deepfakes.

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Our brain is not able to keep up with the India Phone Number society. The danger by this should be taken India Phone Number , but not exaggerat. After all, it fits in with the inherent character of the playing human being as a post-reality being. Out of sheer urge to survive, we have always shaped information to our own liking. The slow evolution of our brain, focused exclusively on the survival of our species, is unable to keep up with the rapid changes in our technological, complex society. The direct India Phone Number of this is stress when processing all the information that comes at us. However, we have adequate mechanisms to make a selection in the consciously observed information.

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