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But I keep coming back to it. And now you may be Oman Phone Number List wondering: why? Three reasons. A why question is about the reason of something, the cause, the trigger, the source. Now you may think: nothing wrong with that, sounds good, I need that! Because only when I Oman Phone Number List know the reason for something, I can do something about it. And in certain cases it is. For example if your car is broken. Then you have the broken part repaired and you can moveAre Involved Prepare on with your life. But when it comes to human behavior, things are often slightly different. The umpteenth round A why question assumes you can understand your world .

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That if you think about it long and hard enough, everything Oman Phone Number ingeniously comes together in your head. That at that moment it is clear how exactly something came to be, how all the puzzle pieces are connected and what is the best way forward. But that’s not how it works. Many people spend much of their time in the past and future. Or rather: with their thoughts Oman Phone Number List in the past or the future. With ever new super-smart ideas about connections and coherence. If this, then that. This can give a sense of control. All those thoughts can take you in tow . And provoke new thoughts and emotions. Thoughts about thoughts. Thinking about the past and the future is not meaningless. But it probably won’t help you much if you run the same circle in your head for the eightieth time.

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And why questions provoke that. accountability Oman Phone Number List Secondly, a why-question often entails a judgment . That’s how it can happen anyway. The person you ask may then tend to answer. Think about the effect on you if someone asks, “But why didn’t you just Oman Phone Number List do that?” Sometimes the reason you do something is very obvious. You send a quote to a customer in the hope that they will accept it, so that you can use your talent and get euros in return. But with many more fundamental choices , that is less clear. Why did you decide to apply for a job at that small office you’d never heard of? Why did you choose to start your own business? Why did you want to be with your partner?

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