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of feminine hygiene products with ingredients of natural origin. Within its commercial strategy, Naturella sought to generate demand through Influencer Marketing and increase participation in the “Try Naturella” campaign. In the context of branding, generating demand can be a complex task. Even the most attractive product can fail if it is not marketed properly. And by marketing it the right way, we mean making it visible to a mass audience. And who has an audience that big?

The influencers. To meet the goals of reaching that audience, Naturella ran their campaign through VoxFeed. Naturella: Results of the campaign 279k Unique Content Views – 28% Reduced cost per lead – registrations in the campaign (CPL) $0.07 Cost per UAE WhatsApp Number List (CPE) in the campaign The campaign: Demand Generation with Influencer Marketing With this strategy, Naturella seeks to encourage the participation of its customers in the “Try Naturella” campaign.

In It, Customers Would Have

to buy one of the products (Naturella Invisible and/or Naturella Just Naturals), register their ticket at and, with that, they would receive their money back. To execute the campaign, the brand was looking for influencers who would invite their audience to participate in short videos , reinforcing the benefits of Naturella Just Naturals: a towel with a 100% organic cotton cover in Mexico, free of perfumes and dyes. Why influencer marketing?

UAE WhatsApp Number List

According to 99firms with influencer marketing statistics: Nearly 50% of consumers follow recommendations from influencers. 60 % of consumers have been influenced by social networks or blogs while shopping in a store. 70 % of teens trust influencers more than other celebrities. Influencer marketing campaigns generate more than 6 dollars for every dollar invested . But why are consumers turning away from outbound marketing content and starting to trust influencers when it comes to product recommendations ?

Because Influencers Are More Interesting

to the audience than brands: they are authentic and can easily bridge the gap between a company and its target audience. Naturella voxfeed campaign Influencer marketing is rapidly growing in popularity as a tool that is affordable and generates quick results. If you can partner with influencers in your industry and have them promote your brand. Chances are you’ll get more leads. And if you’re not quite sure how to do it, we have some tips to help you. 4 tips for demand generation

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