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Duolingo seeks to reclaim one of the most popular names with real linguistic and cultural teachings. In order to encourage Emilys around the world to improve their French. Duolingo has announced a promotional campaign that promises more learning accessibility.

This, since, with a nod to Netflix . The application remembers all the false steps, linguistic and cultural.  That the protagonist of “Emily in Paris” has taken in her character of Lili Collins. According to the application, the “new package” . Is equivalent to four semesters of college-level classes that can be completed in half the time. How to keep in touch with co-workers while working remotely. “Hey  we know it’s a long shot for . Emily in Paris to see that a little français goes a long way..

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But we still want to help all the other Azerbaijan phone number learn French. With 1 month of Duolingo Plus for free ,” the app posted . The campaign was devised by the . French agency BETC and consisted of offering a free Duolingo Plus membership for one month to all people . Who registered in the first 48 hours after the series premiere and . Who of course, were named Emily.

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Although the campaign had little mass circulation.  Many real-life Emilys did have access to the pre-Christmas offer. Since, according to the Duolingo press release, Emily is one of the most popular names in the world. Western world, even the first place of use in the United States for more than a decade.  With more than 300 thousand women named like this today.

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Duolingo powers the world’s . Emilys In order to restore the dignity of their name, six Emilys who live in the City of Light encouraged fans of the series not to repeat the “adorable.  But sometimes culturally insensitive mistakes” of the fictional character that has been popularized by Netflix. As they claim that thanks to the series the name has become synonymous with cliché in France.

Such is the case that, as part of the campaign.  The Duolingo platform directly invited all existing users with the name of . Emily to try the French course for free. In addition, as expressed by the company, international series such as . “El Juego del Calamar”, “Lupin” and “La Casa de Papel” . Have inspired more people to learn a new language. For this reason, the advertising creativity for the new season of.  “Emily in Paris” will seek to continue this learning trend.

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