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This is why people end up with very different ways of seeing the world, different personalities and varied decision-making abilities. This is not chosen; they are the letters that have touched us at birth. Reductionism is misleading for two reasons. First of all, the unfathomable complexity of the interactions of genes . And the environment implies that we are far from understanding how any individual will end up being. Considering their life experiences, their conversations, abuses, joys, ingested foods, recreational drugs.

Prescription drugs, pesticides, educational experience, etc. It’s all too complex, and probably still is. Second while it is true that we are bound to our molecules, proteins, and neurons . As apoplexies, hormones, drugs, and microorganisms no doubt tell us. Logic does not infer from this that best way to describe humans is as a compound of parts and parts.

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The extreme Hong kong phone number that we are nothing more than the cells of . Which we are composed leads to a dead end for anyone who tries to understand human behavior. Just because a system is made of parts and parts. And just because those parts and parts are critical to the system working.  Does not mean that parts and parts are the most accurate description.

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Reductionism basically proposes that everything that is big can be understood by breaking . It down into smaller and smaller pieces. Thus humans can be understood in biological terms, biology in the language of chemistry. And chemistry in the equations of atomic physics. Reductionism has been the engine of science since before the Renaissance. But reductionism is not the right perspective for everything.  It certainly does not explain the relationship between the brain and the mind.

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And this is due to a feature known as the emergency. When you put together a large number of pieces and parts.  The whole can sometimes be larger than its sum. None of the metal parts of an aircraft have the property of flying.  But when properly assembled, the result lifts the flight.

A thin metal bar will not do you much good if you try to control a jaguar, but several placed in parallel have the property of restraint. One molecule of water is not wet, but many together are. One of my neurons doesn’t know Catalan, but many do. The concept of emerging properties means that something new can be introduced that is not inherent in either party.

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