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But that’s just a suggestion. Here is an app so you can put this into practice: Gift Reggie Gift Reggie is a nifty tool for creating personalized wish lists that can be especially useful on gift tables. Customers can take these logs to share with friends and family. Why not give your customers one more option to share your store and your sales channels ? Conclution This post has given you good tactics and apps to generate traffic. For more marketing tactics, check out How to make your first sale .

For more apps, visit our app store. (PS Here’s a list of the 20 most popular free Shopify apps .) Let us know in the comments which were the tactics and apps that have convinced you the most. There are 4 secret weapons in a copywriter’s marketing arsenal that can be Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List powerful. There are four words that have been defined by recent studies of economic, psychological and neuroeconomic behavior that encourage consumers to awaken their purchasing instinct. These words powerfully engage consumers on a subconscious level and increase the chances of retailers making a sale.

Combine These 4 Words In Your Marketing Strategy

and in the description of your products to increase sales conversion: 1. you It is the most powerful word . For most marketers, it is more influential than the words “money” and “sex.” Your customers want to feel like you’re speaking directly to them, and the word “you” works better than any other word. Whether we admit it or not, we are all self-centered people. When you promote the description of a product or any advertising, focus directly on the customer, on their subconscious and the connection that is created.

Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List

Here is an example of an online retailer who uses the word “you” in their product descriptions to increase conversion rate: “The Epson ES1000 Ultra Portable projection screen is at mobile professionals. Whether you ‘re leisurely walking across town, in your car, or flying to your next destination, this lightweight, compact display is the perfect travel companion for your presentations. When you ‘re ready to present, this unique one-piece design will allow you to quickly connect to any projector in less than 30 seconds. It is convenient to accommodate the image diagonally.

 It Will Take A Few Seconds

to close and save. (Source, TigerDirect ) One way to get the word “you” to appear 4 times in your description is to build a marketing strategy around it. Note the narrative sense of the description above. And it is on how this projector makes consumers’ lives easier by solving a problem. Take a look at the product description of your online store and make sure it is well. Use the words “you”, “yours” and all the like to make a connection with your customers and potentially increase sales. 2.

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