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Exploiting social networks for dialogue and debate must be one of the objectives to be achieved . To do this, you must be able to interact with your customers, not monopolize the conversation and have a strategy that allows your followers to participate. In addition, this market is in constant transformation, so you must be constantly up-to-date and trained. It may interest you: 4 tips to design a memorable content strategy measure your results We must analyze and measure the interaction in each social network to know if the implemented strategy is succeeding.

From here we will generate the reports and define the actions for each profile. We will know which is the platform in which we obtain the most results and what ROI and what conversion factors it returns to us. This step is decisive to improve Guatemala WhatsApp Number List Digital Marketing Plan and to establish the foundations of an effective Inbound Marketing strategy . Avoid long posts Content and dissemination are key, the length and style of your content is also very important. It is necessary to take into account the length of the publications so that the user really pays attention to the message you want to deliver.

With Too Long Content

the idea will be lost and all your efforts in vain. Thus, for example, different studies support the need to make short publications, mainly in relation to dissemination on social networks. On Twitter it to use less than 90 characters. And on Facebook only 40, since shorter posts work better. In Google+, meanwhile, the use of up to 60 characters is. On the other hand, the frequency of publication of companies varies according to the social network that one has to use.



This aspect is important since you can optimize your efforts in the medium. In which your audience is and not in one that is not very present. I suggest this post if you want to go from likes to sales: 4 tips to be a “more pleasant” business in social networks. How did COCA COLA increase its sales using social networks? Who does not know The Coca Cola Company ? This gigantic company made good use of social networks by implementing its Share Coca Cola campaign through them.

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Their campaign consisted of changing the traditional design of their cans and bottles by adding people’s names. By further customizing this product, it was imminent that customers share their experience through social platforms. Where the company spread the campaign and encouraged users to be part of it. In the end, the company only saw green numbers. Thanks to the correct use of social networks: it increased its sales by 2% ,

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