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Every organization has two parts that must work together Czech Republic Phone Number List optimally to become successful. The brains and the flow . brains flow The brains side of the organization is mainly concerned with tangible results. Hard, concrete aspects with measurable elements such as strategy, marketing, finance and tech. The flow side makes it possible for the brains to function Czech Republic Phone Number List optimally. The so-called ‘enablers’ of what they need. Minimal internal political games, confusion and turnover, for example. Good morale, and high productivity. I have yet to meet the organization that does not dream of such elements. Every leader would like this scenario to be a reality for them and believe it would greatly accelerate the transformation of the company.

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Now you probably think that every leader I talk to about this Czech Republic Phone Number goes straight to work to improve both sides. Also read: Virtual leadership: 3 points of attention Why leaders feel uncomfortable with flow Well, it isn’t. Almost every leader and his team are at home in the brains side. They are trained for it and find it easy to find answers on the smart side. You can read Czech Republic Phone Number List about it and you can demonstrate it in a spreadsheet. Delicious! Instruments for improving the flow side are only a lot less obvious to realize. There is no spreadsheet that provides insight into the state of organizational culture. This is because leaders face a starting position that requires the following elements when it comes to gaining insight.

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Quantifiability As powerful as it is, status and progress cannot be Czech Republic Phone Number List measured or traced back to revenue growth. Because of this, the flow side is often seen as ‘too fluffy’. Focus on the long term It takes a long time on the flow side before you see results. Think in Czech Republic Phone Number List years rather than months. So you miss the thrill of completing a project or improving a result. It’s too far out of their comfort zone Flow is based on emotions . You will find very few leaders who have studied for that. As a result, 95% of the focus goes to the brains side. I am convinced that every company can make more profit on the flow side than on the brains side. The greatest strength of any leader is his team.

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