Learn About the History of Electronic Commerce and How It Has Evolved Until Today

Everyone, or almost everyone, at some point has visited or bought something. In an electronic store. However, ecommerce did not appear out of nowhere.

In this content, we have compiled the most important information. About the history of electronic commerce, its evolution. In latin america and what the future of this sector promises.

The beginnings of the history of electronic commerce go back to times. That you cannot even imagine. What you see today as a virtual. Store is the latest evolution in a long line of innovations and development.

And, for all those who are part of the industry and who consume from it. It is essential to understand where it comes from. To visualize what it can become in the future.

What is the History of Electronic Commerce in the World?

It is very likely that you think that the history of electronic commerce. Is closely associated with the internet. Today that is a reality, but in the beginning, it was not like that.

Below, you will see the Payroll Directors Email Lists timeline of the electronic stores.

Everything was born from the sale by catalog
Surely you did not imagine it, but the first step that was taken for what. We know today as ecommerce , on the planet, was sales by. After that, Catalogs in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century in the united states.

This business model broke with everything established. Because it allowed consumers to order their. Favorite products without leaving home.

The phone was no longer just for talking to loved ones

Payroll Directors Email Lists

After that, Catalog sales evolved thanks to the expansion of the telephone throughout the United States.

And what was used as a means of communication with family and friends became the master tool of salespeople .

Telephone orders changed the business model of many companies, as they were able to understand that there was a real and abundant market in this sector, and that traditional methods were not the only way to make money.

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