Let Yourself Be Carried


Away by fashion trends in social networks, but with a strategy that supports you, learn how here. Dana Cano Dana Cano Account Manager Every day something different seems to happen on social media, sometimes for those of us who are in front of a brand and not just viewers, it can be hard to keep up with all these new (and sometimes crazy) trends. We would like to ask Mark Zuckerberg to stop the memes, the challenges, the trending topics for a couple of days… Maybe you are thinking, hey! But if my business has nothing to do with the latest fashion video, why should I care?

Well… first you should ask yourself, is your target audience interested? Before your new favorite hashtag becomes #headache, here are 3 things you need to consider before diving into the world of social media trends . The topic Take some Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List to analyze the topic of the fashion trend. The last thing you want is for your brand to be seen as cold and manipulative. However, more than the trend itself, it is the message that you offer behind this trend that will make the difference. 2016 was the year of Pokemon Go.

I Had Never Seen So Many People

gathered in the small park near my house at midnight, walking from corner to corner staring at their cell phones. This application was not just something of the moment, it is a global trend that is still by thousands of brands from various sectors. What does a professional basketball team have to do with Pokemon Go? Sixers with a simple tweet that said “go capture them somewhere else” managed to almost triple their engagement ratios with thousands of retweets.


More than 1,200 likes and thus manage to get closer to their younger audience and at the same time explain to the older ones, what is was all this Pokémon fashion. Time To ensure the maximum rate of engagement and interaction, the moment you join a trend is very important. Launching a post too soon or too late can result in a lack of interest from your audience . Bonus : Have you already defined your publication schedules on social networks? Here we leave you the 8 steps to create a content calendar and delight your audience.

The Ice Bucket Challenge Was A Phenomenon On Social Networks

This simple challenge consisted of pouring a bucket of ice water on yourself and nominating 3 other people to do the same and donate 10 dollars. Here it  sought to attract attention to the ALS disease ( a neurodegenerative disease that weakens the muscles). These people would meet the challenge and nominate another 3 people, and thus the chain would continue. Thousands of brands and celebrities joined this good cause that in just one week was more than 2.4 million times on Facebook and 142 million results on Google.

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