Lights, Camera, Agent! Essential Real Estate Video Marketing Equipment

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You need to think about a lot of things, the most important of which will be discussed below.

The photos you want vs the photos you need
Before shooting a single clip, you should have a good idea of ​​the number and types of shots you need.

Obviously you need to document every Belgium Phone Number aspect of the house, but you need to know what to focus on and what only deserves two seconds.

You should use a variety of shots, including but not limited to wide-angle shots, close-up shots, panoramic shots, and aerial shots (if you’re shooting fancy video and you have a drone camera).

All in all, you must have a photo list when you enter the house. You can record additional footage if you feel the need and find the time, but you can’t leave the house without shooting everything on the list. It is the top priority.

Attention to detail



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When it comes to viral video marketing, attention to detail is what sets you apart from the rest.

If the living room has a nice fireplace, the potential buyer needs to see a close-up of the fireplace and the space around it.

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If the entryway has houseplants that brighten up the space, you need to highlight them.

You need an eye for these things, as well as the ability to capture them on film.

Attention to detail also involves having x-ray vision, spotting and cleaning the tiniest speck of dust on the table, smoothing out the slightly creased bed sheet and making sure the house is presentable to all. manners.

After all, you have to put the property there in ALL its flawless glory.

Lighting And Ambiance

Low light destroys video quality, especially if you’re not using very high quality equipment (which you’re probably not going to be at first).

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