Looking Ahead: Marketing and the Web3 Opportunity

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The digital world’s move from Web1 (a thing of the past) to Web2 (where we mainly are now) and into Web3 (where we’re going) is exactly such a transition.

And WSI’s job is to help businesses navigate into and through the Web3 world.

What Exactly Is Web3?

You also can write in the contract that you will charge more when you have to handle an excessive amount of phone calls or emails. Also. However, when you have a demanding client. However, you can insert provisions in the contract that will get you paid more quickly. Meet on your home turf if you physically meet with clients. However, it can help to meet in your office. However, not theirs. If that won’t work.

However, you can schedule meetings with your software. This way. However, discussions happen with your culture in the background. However, not theirs. It also means they are your guest. However, which can make them behave better. Check the client’s background don’t sign a contract just because the content marketing client offers excellent pay. This is an easily avoidable rookie mistake. Check their references and see how they have worked with other contractors in the past.

Why Does Web3 Matter?

In a marketing context, Web3 matters for the same reason many other social media platforms and other corners of the Internet matter: because that’s where your audience and customers are going to hang out and engage in the future.

Never heard of NFTs and think Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number you don’t care about them? If you have any notion of targeting younger generations with your products and services, you better change your mind quickly. It doesn’t mean you have to buy or even like NFTs. But it does mean you need to understand why your target market likes them and be willing to dive in if it looks like a necessary part of engaging with your audience.

How Will Brands and Companies do Marketing in Web3?

Good question. There are a number of potential ways brands can and will market their products and services in a Web3 world, though at this point, it’s not entirely clear which of those avenues will work the best.

Some brands will create a digital currency or “coin” as a way of marketing their brand and engaging Web3 users.

Others will look at launching NFTs (digital collectibles) to facilitate and encourage ongoing interaction with their brand.

And perhaps the easiest example for envisioning how marketing fits into Web3 is the fact that some brands will launch their own metaverses or blockchain games/worlds in which they – or even users, as owners of digital real estate – could sell advertising to other brands and businesses who want to pay to reach the audiences hanging out in those worlds.

Okay…But Web3 Still Seems Confusing!

Speaking frankly, Web3 is a little confusing, and there is certainly a learning curve to becoming involved in the emerging digital world.

There are a number of ways, but the best and most effective way will always be joining yourself and becoming a Web3 user.

Reading some articles about cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse is a great start, but it’ll only get you so far.

What you need to do is buy some Ethereum (ETH), get a digital wallet, and purchase your first NFT.

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