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At the very least, when this system, call cholinergic, is impaire. As in senile dementia call Alzheimer’s disease.  Memory loss is one of the first symptoms to manifest. Initially, it is difficult to focus attention and get the formation of new memory content. Then long-term memory is also affect.

Other neurotransmitters also act on memory. Such as norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine or opiates.  So it is not clear whether the effects of acetylcholine deficiency in . Alzheimer’s patients are due to the interaction of this neurotransmitter with the other chemicals.

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Glutamic acid, which is an Malaysia phone number neurotransmitter. Is found in abundance in the hippocampus.  And has a long-term effect through various types of receptors on hippocampal neurons – call “long-term potentiation”. Which is important. for reinforcing synapses and therefore for learning and memory. Mirror neurons In both the human and non-human primate brains and some other mammals.

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A type of neuron has been found to respond not only . When the individual performs certain actions but also . When the individual sees how others perform the same movements. These neurons, which are much more abundant in the human brain.  Have been call “mirror neurons” or specular neurons. These neurons appear to be involve in imitating the actions of other individuals and therefore in learning. In social species they are involve in understanding the behavior of others.

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Observing emotional expression in other individuals allows the observer to deduce the type of emotion they are experiencing. Through the activity of mirror neurons.  This emotional state can not only be understood.  But also appear in the observer. So-call mirror neurons are able to copy and reproduce in our brain the movements and behaviors of others. And can also be activat to pity those who suffer. By setting in motion nerve networks identical to those of the people we see suffering.

The human brain has multiple systems of mirror neurons that specialize in doing and understanding not only the actions of others, but also the intentions, social meaning of other people’s emotions, and behaviors. Most of us can read the emotions of others when we instantly analyze facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language; and we can do this because our mirror neurons simulate in ourselves the muscular activity link to the emotions of the people we communicate with.

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