Make a great website menu for your users and for SEO South Korea Mobile Number

Website menus are one of those things you take for granted — until you try to use a really bad one. In the ideal scenario users get an instant overview of what a site South Korea Mobile Number has to offer, and they can reach all the important stuff with just one or two clicks. In the worst cases, users end up lost and frustrated, unable to find what they’re looking for. This post will walk you through the basics of menu design and help you understand which options will work best for your site.

Why your website menu is important

Your website’s menu is really important South Korea Mobile Number because it helps users to navigate your site. Sure, sometimes a user will arrive on the  page they were looking for straight from Google. But usually your visitors will want to look at various different pages on your site. Your menu should be available on every page, so if you design it well it won’t matter where your users arrive: they’ll always be able to find what they need.

Besides the essential navigation function of a menu, it’s also a neat way of letting users know what your site has to offer.  You can think of it like a banner on each page, saying “this is what we do”. Make the most of that opportunity!

What makes a great site menu?


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A great site menu should include links to all the most important parts of your website. So it’s up to you to figure out what to put in it, ultimately. But whatever content you decide to include, it’s absolutely essential to make your menu usable.

One of the worst things you can do is overload your menu with too many links. This will make it look cluttered, and users will need to work hard to find what they need. And depending on your choice of menu design, some of the links could end up inaccessible if you have too many. For instance, if you’re using a drop-down menu, users might struggle to access links that appear off-screen.

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