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The strategy has won the hearts of Internet users by including one of the colloquial characters of Mexican culture. And offering the most entente blanket that rivals that of a tiger during these cold days of December. The warmest blanket In social networks. A short post has been represented. In which the blanket seller does more than offer a warm blanket.  Since it is with this strategy that Netflix seeks to promote the series Dark Desire. Which began its transmission within the streaming platform in the middle of the previous year.

Are you looking for a job too? In the purest Mexican style.  Netflix makes a great strategy advertising Dark Desire.  The series starring Maite Perroni and Alejandro Speitzer. Which according to comments on social networks is a series that focuses on trends. Since it is possible to find comments like the one made by a fan of streaming content who says the following: “Excellent series. Interesting plot. I love it.

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Although the erotic Albania phone number are unnecessary for me.  But I consider that the plot gives strength. I mean, if there weren’t any nudity. I would have been biting my nails in the same way.  However, Internet users celebrate the initiative of including popular characters as a means of advertising.  Since this type of strategy connects directly with the public.

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This type of strategy promotes not only Mexican culture and its magnificent folklore.  But also demonstrates an effective way to create conversation and advertise organically. Examples like this have occurred within all types of businesses, since the strategies, funny and unusual.  Are the ones that, far from promoting the key product, generate conservation among consumers.  Thus managing to impact not only the target audience,

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If not to a wide group of potential consumers.  Such as the case of an app specializing in  food delivery by gaining publicity in the media through the horse-delivery initiative. Or the strategy set up by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola by seeking that consumers . They could pay with smiles for the food consumed . Or what was done by an airline which played Christmas music while waiting for a flight. To provide a more pleasant experience.

The integration of automated technology aims to streamline purchasing processes and everyday tasks. Sam’s Club, Starbucks, Walmart, have self-checkout lanes. The integration of this payment model aims to improve daily tasks within the stores. They point out that far from improving the experience, this model hinders the purchase process.

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