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The real benefit is that administrators should have the Spain Phone Number feeling of confidence that comes from having actionable, real-time data they can use to manage Teams more effectively with the resources they have. In my post, What is Technical SEO? The Essential Basics for SMBs, I mentioned XML sitemaps as a “must” for any website (it was #6).

Here’s more detail about why you and your web development team should give attention to this attribute. First question: What is “XML?” It’s an acronym for “Extensible Markup Language.” XML is the preferred code for representing structured information such as the architecture of your website. Why is an XML sitemap so important for SEO?

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Before I go any further, I offer this direct quotation Spain Phone Number from the overlords at Mountain View: Submitting a sitemap is merely a hint: it doesn’t guarantee that Google will download the sitemap or use the sitemap for crawling URLs on the site. But as I’ve said again and again, SEO is about seizing every opportunity; this is one more. And as you’ll read shortly, creating an XML sitemap is such a light lift, there’s no good reason not to do it. Welcome the crawlers Within a few days post-launch, search engines will send out their “crawlers” to scan and index your site.

These crawlers work linearly, reading your site from top to bottom, from homepage down to the deepest page of minutia (such as your terms of use or privacy policy). Your XML sitemap gives search engines a fistful of shortcuts by literally telling them up front, “This is the structure of our website: We have pages covering this topic, that topic, and all these other topics.” The crawlers will still index your site if you submit an XML site map. But your XML sitemap enables them to surface relevant search query results faster.

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And “faster” can be good for your site’s overall search performance. You might have competitively important content that you’ve had to place on a lower-level page in order to conform to your site architecture. Your XML sitemap shows search engines all your pages in a single place, essentially leveling the search playing field for all your site’s pages. What’s in an XML sitemap?

StitchDX XML sitemap A basic XML sitemap: ours At the most basic level, your XML sitemap is a list of all the URLs that make up your website. You could think of it as your site’s table of contents. Simply understanding that concept, one can see the advantages in search: Rather than only crawling your entire site, search engines can also crawl your XML sitemap and find the information you most want to amplify faster. How to create an XML sitemap It’s not hard work; a web search for “XML sitemap generator” will reveal several useful tools for the purpose.

But if you’ve built your site on the WordPress platform (as we recommend), this super-easy task becomes nearly effortless. I’ve repeatedly made note of the Yoast plug-in’s numerous valuable SEO capabilities. Those capabilities include XML sitemap creation, literally by flipping a switch and clicking “Save changes.”

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